Sunday CEO: How To Be An Overnight Success

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It’s been an exciting week with Virti winning an award and it was humbling picking an award up myself too as I won founder of the year at the Southwest Tech awards in the UK. While awards are great they are really just an outward example of lots of hard work that goes on day-to-day and it reminded me that overnight-success is really about putting in years of hard work being consistent. Having started learning lots of new skills over the last 18-months and focused more on thought-leadership and blogging to share my own journey it reminded me that having an accountability partner is so key to ensuring you remain consistent. For me I have lots of people who hold me accountable and who help unblock any deep work I’m doing. Whether that is my gym-buddy Alec who helps me focus on Crossfit skills, Nils our CTO at Virti or Charlie who edits my YouTube videos it’s much more fun and productive working and training with great people who help accelerate your learning and progress.

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✍️ Quote of the Week

“Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” - Dwayne Johnson

🏔️ What I've Learned This Week

I had the opportunity to put together two videos this week on two people who are incredible teachers and who deliver knowledge and learning in simple terms. I have never met either Charlie Monger or Richard Feynman but by reading their books and diving into their processes, mental models and teachings I’ve been able to adopt many of their processes and methodologies into my life. This is a great example of how having mentors can hugely accelerate your success and also that you can access mentors through books, video and more.

📚 Weekly Highlights

🎤 TED Talk - This week I watched Adam Grant’s awesome TED talk about being original and innovative. This is based on his excellent book which is also worth picking up. This talk is fun and impresses upon the importance of pushing through failures and being original. There is also a great Nintendo gaming story.

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