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⚡ Real Work, Atomic Habits and ChatGPT as a Doctor

Published 9 months ago • 4 min read

👋 Welcome to the 1,053 NEW readers this week.

Hey Folks,

This week I've been juggling my time between speaking engagements, my ed-tech companies and keeping up with all the latest tech and learning news to share with you in today's newsletter.

I've recently been on a hiring spree across my portfolio of businesses and it always surprises me how the best candidates often have similar stand-out characteristics regardless of the job they're applying for.

Attention to detail, life-long learning and ability to communicate are at the top of my list when I'm hiring as these can often correct for most other things and lots of today's articles will help you boost each of these epic skills.

My team has been hard at work on some new free resources, our tech deep dive series and some brand new courses which we'll be announcing next month as well as optimizing 7-Day AI Pro and LHTL which will be receiving some big updates over the next few weeks. I'll also be getting back onto short-form socials after taking a break to focus on my actual day job of being a Founder/CEO .

Today's Estimated Read Time: 5-Minutes

🏔️Quote of the Week

"The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."
From Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

📚 Something For Sharing

1. ChatGPT found the right diagnosis for a boy who had seen 17 doctors

A mom put information from her son's MRI scan into ChatGPT and it made a connection that helped identify the cause of her son's chronic symptoms that had been undiagnosed for 3 years.

A lot of us now take AI for granted and this is a little reminder that if done correctly, it can help people and save lives [but it isn't going to replace doctors just yet...!].

2.🎙️Alex Hormozi’s Advice on Branding in 2023

My key takeaway from this video is to do more of the things that are working and do them even better. I think a lot of business owners, like me, spend a lot of time trying to find a new / better thing to do. But there’s also lots of optimization around what is already working well.

We need to get better at doubling down on the things we're doing well and trying to improve those things first, before exploring new avenues for growth.

3. 📝 How To Lose Time and Money

This short essay from Paul Graham is a great reminder about the importance of prioritization and discipline.

We often lose time by doing "fake work". This is work that seems productive (we're doing "things") but which doesn't actually move us towards our goals. In business this is things that don't directly correlate to revenue. In our personal lives this might be anything that we just don't enjoy doing.

Equally if we're spending money on luxuries or investing in things that won't give us a return we are wasting our money.

4. Atomic Habits — Strategies for Mastering Habits, Questions for Growth, and Much More

If you're obsessed with productivity and building habits like me you definitely want to check out this podcast from James Clear and Tim Ferris. It cover lots of great concepts like habit-building, writing, and James' experience of launching Atomic Habits.

One thing that stuck with me from the podcast is James' self-review system.

In essence he he asks himself 3 questions:

  1. What am I optimizing for?
  2. Can my current habits carry me to my desired future?
  3. How can I create an environment that will naturally bring about my desired change?

5. 📝 How Will You Measure Your Life?

This is a great HBR article from Clayton Christensen that talks about not defaulting to work during your spare hours.

Unlike most of his friends, Clayton tried to dedicate his occasional spare hours to “figuring out his purpose in life”, instead of pouring even more time into his work. And he feels that’s paid long-term dividends, when he looks at how many other graduates from Harvard Business School end up with difficult marriages, mental health problems, or struggling to function outside their work.

🎬 This Week's Videos & Socials

The 7 BEST AI Businesses To Start In 2023

video preview

Tech Deep Dive Series: How I Bulk Create 10 Blog Posts in 1-Minute With AI - I dive into a new early-stage AI copywriting tool and show how my team has been using it to bulk create content using AI.

How to Learn More by Studying Less: 7 Science-Backed Habits They’re NOT Telling You - I share 7 science-backed productivity tips that helped me transform my academic results as well as build an 8-figure business at the same time, and hopefully if you keep watching we'll transform how you approach work and studying too.

Tech Deep Dive Series: This New AI Translation Tool Will Dub Your Content Into Any Language - I take a look at which can magically dub and transcribe any video into any language.

✍️ Today's Prompt - Business Consultant

"I want you to act as a business consultant and help me develop a plan for starting my own business. My first request is to identify my target audience, develop a business plan, and create a marketing strategy."

⚡ Stay productive and let's get after it. See you next week.

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