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📔 Look After Your People and Yourself

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Sunday CEO: Look After Your People and Yourself

Hey Folks,

Today is World Mental Health Day and so I’m taking it extra easy and being kind to myself while reflecting on the last week and quarter. At Virti we‘ve put an extra focus on employee well-being this quarter with mindfulness and meditation exercises added to our training app and used internally by the team and we’ve also teamed up with a mental health support service called Spill, which allows employees to anonymously speak with a counsellor through Slack. We’ve also had a very fun week; on Monday Virti were listed in the top 5 on a list of the most exciting 100 startups which gave all the team a great start to our Monday’s and then we finished off on Friday with our quarterly awards to celebrate team members across the globe. Small things like recognising contributions and taking time to celebrate victories in a fast-paced environment is vital for employee well-being. Your people are your greatest asset and if they are happy and productive your business will profit and your work-life will be much more fun.

Make sure you take some time today to relax, meditate and be kind to yourself and your team.

Have a productive week!


✍️ Quote of the Week

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.” - Jon Kabat-Zinn

🏔️ What I've Learned This Week

When doing anything, whether building a technology company or learning a new skill there will be periods of hard work where there is little feedback or anything to show for it. For engineering teams this might be re-factoring code or building something behind the scenes in a 6-week sprint. For elite athletes this might be a training camp or for learning simply stumbling over a few new concepts before becoming proficient. These are the moments you need to be consistent and push through knowing that the reward will come at the end of this period when you benefit from your hard work.

📚 Weekly Highlights

🎤 TED Talk - I watched a great TED talk this week from analyst Richard St. John condensing his previous TED talk about success into 3 minutes.

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